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Why You Shouldn’t Be Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach

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Is ingesting espresso on an empty abdomen dangerous? I requested a dietitian, then tried having some water earlier than my morning cup of Joe (per TikTok’s suggestion)—right here’s what occurred.

Through the years, like so many individuals, I’ve come to depend on caffeine. What began as an answer for groggy mornings after nights of too little sleep ultimately was a recurring morning routine: get up, go to the toilet, go to the fridge, and pour a cup of ice-cold espresso into my trusty Corkcicle Tumbler (it retains it so chilly). 

Now, would I say that I’m hooked on espresso very first thing within the morning? Not a lot. In any case, on weekends, I don’t as recurrently attain for a cup of joe very first thing within the morning. This realization after all made me analyze my weekday morning routine. My foremost nagging thought on the subject? Is ingesting espresso on an empty abdomen actually the very best transfer for an lively, productive day forward? To seek out out, I chatted with NYC-based dietitian Jennifer Maeng. After which I did the unthinkable: I finished ingesting espresso very first thing within the morning. As an alternative, I drank water earlier than my espresso. Maintain studying to search out out what occurred. 

Is It Dangerous to Drink Espresso on an Empty Abdomen?

water before coffee

Whereas most individuals consider breakfast as an important meal of the day, whenever you break the phrase down, you notice it’s about greater than meals alone. “I all the time preferred contemplating the phrase ‘breakfast’ as fairly actually breaking the quick from not consuming or ingesting the previous eight to 10 hours [while] you had been sleeping,” Maeng says. “We lose a whole lot of water throughout the night time and get up in a state of dehydration.”

Due to that, Maeng says that earlier than reaching for meals (or espresso or juice), it is best to attain for water. “It’s supreme so that you can break the quick by hydrating with water or natural (non-caffeinated) tea very first thing within the morning, and permitting your physique time to rehydrate and get up earlier than introducing caffeine,” she says. 

Though caffeine isn’t unequivocally confirmed to trigger dehydration, Maeng factors out that ingesting espresso on an empty abdomen can hinder your efficiency all through the morning and day. “Extra caffeine consumption on an empty abdomen (suppose: a number of cups) can heighten the damaging results this stimulant can have, akin to anxiousness, abdomen ache, and coronary heart palpitations,” she warns. “Espresso is a diuretic as properly, which really will increase the quantity we urinate—when our precise aim is to replenish the water in our our bodies, not excrete it.” 

This isn’t to say that you just shouldn’t drink espresso within the morning—simply that it’s finest to hydrate first and maintain your every day servings in thoughts. “In line with the latest Dietary Pointers for People, you shouldn’t eat greater than 400 mg of caffeine/day,” Maeng factors out. “For reference, one shot of espresso is about 75 mg, [one cup of coffee is about 90 mg,] and one cup of tea is about 20 to 60 mg.”

Advantages of Consuming Water Earlier than Espresso

Questioning what the advantages of ingesting water earlier than espresso are? The place to start. “Water is so essential for the upkeep of all of our physique processes,” Maeng says. “Along with rehydrating your physique, ingesting water very first thing within the morning helps regulate your digestive tract and assist bowel actions transfer alongside easily very first thing within the morning.” Plus, for some, this may be the right time to take every day dietary supplements. (We’re large followers of taking HUM’s Intestine Intuition probiotic on an empty abdomen.)

Moreover, by ingesting water earlier than espresso, you’re much less more likely to develop uncomfortable negative effects from caffeine, akin to an upset abdomen or lightheadedness. Moreover, Maeng factors out that by ingesting water very first thing within the morning, you’ll really feel fuller and have the ability to be extra conscious of how a lot espresso and meals you eat all through the day. Though that won’t appear to be that large of a deal, it may possibly really forestall you from over-consuming, which might result in sugar spikes and crashes, which will be disruptive—particularly in the beginning of the day. 

Level clean: Consuming water earlier than espresso can lend to a more healthy, extra snug begin to each day. To show it, I finished ingesting espresso on an empty abdomen and tried water for 12 days. 

My Expertise Consuming Water Earlier than Espresso for 12 Days

is it bad to drink coffee on an empty stomach

As somebody who was all the time ingesting espresso on an empty abdomen, switching to water appeared prefer it’d be difficult. However like so many issues, it’s all about motivation and creating an surroundings wherein the brand new behavior can thrive. On this case, I made it simpler on myself by filling my water bottle the night time earlier than and putting it on my nightstand in order that it’d be the primary drink I reached for upon waking. Then, to make sure I wouldn’t merely take a sip and instantly swap to espresso, I reworked my sweat schedule and swapped my regular 5:45 p.m. Orangetheory lessons for six:05 a.m. classes. Figuring out that I wouldn’t wish to head to the gymnasium with espresso in my system (particularly because it makes me should…properly, you already know), this technique labored. 

After ingesting no less than 32 ounces of water (generally I’ve to refill mid-class) earlier than my morning espresso for 12 days, I can confidently say I really feel a lot extra energized all through the day—to not point out much less jittery. And, as Maeng mentioned, ingesting water very first thing within the morning did, actually, make me really feel fuller. This has prevented me from indulging in heavy breakfasts, which regularly make me crash and want a nap.

The Takeaway

There’s little question it’s tough to turn into a morning particular person (particularly with out espresso), however making small modifications in the beginning of your day could make a big impact on the remainder of it. After I stopped ingesting espresso on an empty abdomen, I noticed simply how helpful it’s to drink water very first thing within the morning. Not solely did I cease experiencing the damaging negative effects of caffeine (shakes and anxiousness), however I additionally felt extra energized and centered all through the day. Plus, my vitamin has improved since I really feel extra balanced initially of my day.

Suffice it to say, there’s one thing to be mentioned about ingesting water earlier than espresso, and I for one will likely be sticking to this new behavior. Will you be part of me?

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