The Crucial Step a Derm Says You’re Probably Missing If You’re Popping Your Pimples at Home

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Sitting round watching individuals pop pimples was, like, a large factor again in 2017. However right here at Effectively+Good, we all the time secretly hoped for a derivative the place dermatologists judged how actual individuals pop their pimples at residence. When you share the identical dream, seize some popcorn: On this week’s episode of Pricey Derm, board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, is eavesdropping on some white head extractions… and laying down some important suggestions for the way to do them correctly.

When you’ve been within the white head extraction recreation for some time, you already know there’s a proper and incorrect method to deal with these suckers. It is best to all the time wash your fingers and face beforehand, use an extraction instrument (ideally a comedone extractor), and apply a pimple patch to seal the deal.

However there’s one crucial step that many individuals typically skip: The post-extraction cleanup.

After you squeeze out the “puss” from the pimple, you’ll wish to get it off of your face ASAP. “You’re left with this keratin and micro organism and pores and skin cell build-up proper outdoors of the pimple, and you should wipe it away,” says Dr. Gohara. She recommends doing this with a cotton swab or cotton spherical (… simply please don’t use your bacteria-laden fingers).

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Then, it’s time to scrub your face once more. “Make certain to make use of a excessive score, mild cleanser to guarantee that the sphere across the pimple is sterile,” she says. After that, you’ll apply your pimple patch after which depart your face alone, okay?

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To observe Dr. Gohara critique a number of widespread pimple-popping strategies, be certain that to take a look at the complete video.

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