I Learned the Hard Way That Menopause Can Cause Rosacea—Here’s Exactly What I Do To Keep My Skin Calm

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When my cheeks began to interrupt out, I first blamed the pandemic. With the appearance of COVID and work-from-home, I had let my morning face-washing lag, and on the uncommon events I left the home, I wore a face masks—so I assumed the offended little bumps blemishes attributable to laziness and the humidity dome beneath my KN-95. Whereas this was a superbly cheap speculation, the issue didn’t go away once I obtained strict with my pores and skin hygiene, and the bumps got here and went no matter masks use. Then I began to note patterns: These bumps got here with alcohol use, warmth, and the week of my interval, and have been most distinguished on my cheeks and close to my eyes.

As I later realized, these “breakouts” weren’t truly breakouts in any respect—they have been perimenopausal rosacea.

Perimenopause comes with many surprises (severely, how come nobody instructed me concerning the apocalyptic temper swings?), and rosacea is one more fruit within the veritable cornucopia of its annoying signs. The pores and skin situation is characterised by redness, papules, pustules, and swelling, and could be triggered by hormones, warmth, and anxiousness—which explains why the hormonal shifts (and sizzling flashes) ladies expertise all through perimenopause and menopause may cause it to flare up. It’s one in every of a lot of pores and skin situations that may happen throughout this time, together with pimples, dryness, and thinning, however as a consequence of poor schooling and stigma, most ladies do not know what to anticipate.

As a result of I felt so blindsided by rosacea (and different perimenopause signs), I’m passing alongside what has labored for my pores and skin.

1. A mild routine

As a result of rosacea is an inflammatory pores and skin situation, “Utilizing a cleanser that’s too harsh and even utilizing a product that’s too drying might trigger a flare in rosacea and enhance irritation,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist primarily based in New York. Some folks with rosacea keep away from face-washing, fearful that it’s going to dry out and irritate their pores and skin, nevertheless, common face-washing is usually beneficial for rosacea victims to maintain away micro organism and different environmental pollution—it’s simply vital to ensure you discover the appropriate product.

Derms suggest searching for oil-based cleansers filled with nourishing components and fatty acids, which can assist hydrate and calm the pores and skin—two issues that rosacea-prone and perimenopausal pores and skin wants from a routine, because the estrogen loss related to menopause may cause dryness. I like Ethique’s Bliss Bar ($17), which has a easy formulation and is inexpensive, cruelty-free, and plastic-free.

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Earlier than rosacea, I liked utilizing alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids to exfoliate my pores and skin, nevertheless, they’re too harsh for me now. (Some with rosacea should have the ability to use them, or could possibly use them on much less rosacea-prone areas of the face). As a substitute of those harsher chemical exfoliants, derms usually suggest azelaic acid to rosacea victims, because it tends to be gentler and extra hydrating. There are a number of serums available on the market that comprise a soothing mixture of azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide; I take advantage of one from Eva’s Naturals.

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Since hydration is essential to caring for each rosacea-prone and perimenopausal pores and skin, I layer my face with a mixture of rosehip oil (which is light-weight, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and filled with antioxidants) and seal it in with Weleda Pores and skin Meals ($12), a super-rich however light balm loaded with Vitamin E and different moisturizing components.

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Lastly, as a result of rosacea could be triggered by UV rays and menopausal pores and skin is extra delicate to solar injury, I by no means depart the home with out SPF. I favor a mineral formulation, as chemical sunscreens have a historical past of irritating my pores and skin. COOLA’s Mineral Sunsilk Creme ($42) is a moderately-priced, dewy SPF 30 choice with a ton of hydration and virtually no white solid as soon as absorbed.

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2. Preserving my palms *off*

Tough contact is a big set off for a lot of people with rosacea; my first flare-up got here after a vigorous facial therapeutic massage. With that in thoughts, when making use of merchandise to your face, be sure you use a light-weight hand. Pat (don’t rub!) your pores and skin dry, and apply make-up along with your fingers if brushes irritate you. Some might discover that silk or satin pillowcases are kinder to their face, nevertheless, I discover them too slippery so use a bamboo pillowcase as a substitute. I additionally change my pillowcase each few nights to maintain micro organism off my face whereas I sleep.

3. Figuring out triggers

There’s a protracted listing of issues that may set off rosacea, however dietary elements can play an enormous function. Sizzling and spicy meals, caffeine, sizzling drinks, dairy merchandise, chocolate, and sure spices can all trigger flare-ups, and I’ve discovered that alcohol specifically results in breakouts in my very own pores and skin. These triggers can differ from individual to individual, so take note of your weight loss program and tweak it accordingly if obligatory.

As a result of I’ve a number of inflammatory situations (hashtag blessed), I attempt to eat as many anti-inflammatory meals as potential, equivalent to berries and leafy greens. I additionally drink a number of cups of inexperienced and ginger tea day by day and take a turmeric complement. It’s unclear how a lot this helps, however by throwing a preponderance of anti-inflammation components at my pores and skin by way of my intestine, it appears to assist.

4. OTC medicine

Ask your physician first, however taking a non-steroidal inflammatory support (NSAID, like ibuprofen or naproxen) may also help scale back the viciousness of a rosacea breakout. Antihistamines (equivalent to fexofenadine or cetirizine) may assist scale back redness, itchiness, and severity of bumps.

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