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From our childhood days, we’ve heard that the consumption of bananas is superb for our well being. It is stuffed with micronutrients and macronutrients, which impart quite a few well being advantages. Each a part of the banana tree, just like the fruit, leaf, and stem, is filled with a number of well being advantages. As well as, nearly each a part of the banana tree has industrial purposes.

Banana belongs to the Musaceae household within the genus Musa. The Fe‘i banana, which belongs to the Australimusa sub-section of the Musa genus, is cultivated primarily for its fruit. The Fe‘i bananas are categorised by straight bunches, pink-red to purple sap, and deep yellow or orange colored fruit pulp. Banana and plantain are a gaggle of enormous perennial herbs that may develop as much as 20 ft.

Banana: An Overview

Individuals domesticate bananas within the tropical area, with India being the biggest producer with a mean annual output of 14.2 million tonnes. Different main producers of bananas embody Ecuador, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Costarica. Individuals additionally use the fruit, leaves, stem (also called ‘false stem’), flowers, and banana tree roots as drugs. In North America, many of the accessible bananas are from one exact selection. Nonetheless, many forms of bananas exist around the globe.

Banana is a healthful fruit, and you should utilize nearly each a part of the tree for its medicinal worth. For instance, it helps keep low potassium ranges within the blood (hypokalaemia), constipation, and diarrhoea. Individuals additionally use bananas to deal with diabetes, excessive ldl cholesterol, and lots of different circumstances, however no detailed scientific analysis helps most of those makes use of.

Banana fruit incorporates chemical substances and carbohydrates. A few of these carbohydrates work as fibres, which play an important function in regulating the gastrointestinal system. The chemical substances perform as antioxidants which play a task in lowering swelling and preventing free radicals. Bananas additionally include potassium, nutritional vitamins, and a number of other different minerals.

Banana Stem: Right here’s What You Ought to Know

The banana stem just isn’t like different plant stems as a result of the flower stalk of the banana plant is called the banana stem. The thick stalks rise from the soil, thus forming the backbone of the herbaceous plant. The banana stem has a crunchy floor and possesses a gentle flavour when consumed as a meals product. However, alternatively, it’s candy and provides a bitter aftertaste. Due to this fact, it’s truthful to say that the stalk is the stem of the banana plant. 

The banana stalk harvests one colossal flower cluster after which dies. The stalk is usually minimize off from the plant when the bananas are plump and subjected to the ripening course of. Due to this fact, individuals devour this stalk because the banana stem.

Dietary Contents in Banana Stem

  • Potassium (Ok)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Copper (CU)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fibres
  • Different minerals & micronutrients

Well being Advantages of Banana Stem

The banana stem is loaded with an ample quantity of fibre and is thus recognized to learn in stopping constipation and ulcers in the long term. The banana stem additionally incorporates a considerable quantity of nutritional vitamins B6 and potassium. Therefore, sufferers affected by anaemia and diabetes are suggested to incorporate this meals product of their weight-reduction plan commonly. A few of the different advantages of the banana stem are:

Prevents Diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes is witnessing speedy progress amongst low and middle-income international locations in comparison with high-income international locations. Rising circumstances of diabetes worldwide are primarily attributable to a number of elements reminiscent of weight problems, sedentary & unhealthy life-style, and genetic historical past.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor concerned in lots of reactions chargeable for modulating numerous functionalities. Due to this fact, deficiency of it usually results in a number of implications like Parkinson’s, diabetes, autism, most cancers, and lots of extra. 

Research linking diabetes and vitamin B6 have correlated each issues and effectiveness. Studies in Drosophila have indicated that vitamin B6 deficiency might result in diabetes. Therefore, banana stems, a wealthy supply of vitamin B6, are believed to supply efficient leads to combating diabetes. Moreover, vitamin B6 within the stem helps the manufacturing of haemoglobin and insulin. 

Individuals additionally use the stem for the remedy of hyperglycaemia. Lectin current within the banana stem stimulates insulin-like enzymes, which regulate the expansion of fatty cells. Furthermore, bananas stems are extremely appropriate for consumption amongst diabetes sufferers, owing to their low glycemic index.


The juice of the banana stem flushes out toxins from the physique. Due to this fact, it is usually consumed as a drink by many. It has diuretic properties and positively impacts the digestive system. It additionally has a variety of good fibre, which performs an important function in sustaining optimum intestine well being.

Banana stem juice regulates the acidic ranges within the human physique and balances them. In consequence, it helps to scale back heartburn and discomfort within the digestive system.

Scale back Weight

Banana stem juice could be very useful within the weight reduction course of. The excessive content material of fibre curbs starvation pangs and cravings, thereby lowering meals consumption and contributing to weight reduction. The fibre additionally facilitates the discharge of sugar and fat into the physique’s cells. If consumed as salad, the uncooked stem items assist scale back weight problems by slicing down on fats.

Prevents Kidney Points

At the moment, medical doctors usually advocate together with banana stem within the weight-reduction plan for sufferers who are suffering from gall bladder stones. You may embody banana stem within the weight-reduction plan as a beverage or a part of a meal.

The stem juice is a good diuretic drink and helps oust small kidney stones. If blended with cardamom, this juice soothes the bladder and supplies reduction towards cystitis. Cystitis is a type of urinary tract an infection (UTI) that disturbs the bladder. It’s extra frequent amongst ladies. Cystitis usually heals by itself. Nonetheless, in excessive circumstances, you’d require antibiotics for its remedy.

Prevents Anaemia

In keeping with WHO, in 2019, the worldwide prevalence of anaemia stood at an awesome 29.9% amongst ladies within the reproductive age class or aged 15-49 years. Whereas anaemia’s prevalence amongst youngsters aged between 6-and 59 months stood at 39.8%.

Banana stems are extremely beneficial within the remedy of anaemia by healthcare professionals. They’re wealthy in vitamin B6 and iron, each recognized to advertise haemoglobin ranges within the blood.

Relieves Constipation

Subsequently, the plantain stem is stuffed with fibre, which might successfully present reduction in constipation. Due to this fact, consumption within the type of juice for treating constipation is exceptionally useful. Nonetheless, not straining the juice is beneficial by consultants to take care of optimum ranges of fibre within the drink.

Reduces Unhealthy Ldl cholesterol

In keeping with reviews revealed by WHO, one-third of ischaemic coronary heart illness circumstances globally are attributable to excessive levels of cholesterol. As well as, excessive levels of cholesterol are estimated to trigger roughly 2.6 million deadly episodes yearly. Between 2015 and 2018, roughly 12% of American adults confirmed levels of cholesterol larger than 240 mg/dL, says CDC.

The banana stem may also assist effectively handle levels of cholesterol, amongst many advantages. It’s a wealthy supply of vitamin iron & B6, which play an important function in growing haemoglobin rely and lowering low-density lipoproteins (LDL) levels of cholesterol.

Regulates Blood Stress

Hypertension or hypertension is when the blood stress towards the arteries’ partitions is abnormally excessive. If left unadministered, hypertension will increase the probabilities of stroke. In keeping with CDC, roughly half of the complete American grownup inhabitants, i.e., ~47%, undergo from hypertension.

Banana stems are wealthy in potassium, a mineral finest recognized for combating fluctuations in blood stress. Therefore, common consumption of banana stems may help handle hypertension successfully and reduces the danger of cardiovascular problems.

Prevents Urinary Tract An infection

Studies have discovered that Urinary tract an infection (UTI) is likely one of the commonest infections that have an effect on ladies worldwide. UTI usually results in vaginal infections, and it majorly outcomes from pathogens that originate within the digestive tract.

Banana stem juice possesses diuretic properties. Thus, it aids the physique in flushing away toxins and purifying the urinary tract. Due to this fact, it’s best to devour banana stem juice not less than thrice every week to evade the probabilities of urinary tract infections.

Banana Stem and Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, all parts of the banana tree have nice medicinal advantages towards a variety of circumstances. Individuals seek advice from it by synonyms like Kadali, Vaarnaa, Mocha, Ambusara, and Anshumatiphala. Few of the various makes use of of bananas in Ayurveda embody:

  • The juice of the banana stem improves Vata problems and thirst. Vata establishes vitality and regulates all motion processes at a microcellular and macroscopic stage – from the blinking of our eyelids to the actions of our muscle tissue. Additionally it is chargeable for bettering circulation, respiration, and the nervous system features.
  • The juice of the banana stem helps flush out kidney stones.
  • The Sherbet (syrup) made out of banana stem provides reduction from cough.
  • You may devour the internal tender stem as a vegetable.

Potential Aspect Results of Banana Stem

Though banana stem doesn’t have vital uncomfortable side effects, some attainable uncomfortable side effects are allergy, abdomen ache, vomiting, or hurt to the liver & kidneys. Nonetheless, it is determined by the particular person’s medical historical past and the quantity of banana stem consumed. You need to train moderation whereas consuming or ingesting in any kind. A pores and skin allergy may also be a possible facet impact.

In such conditions, it’s of utmost significance that the particular person consults a physician, a medical professional, a nutritionist, or a dietician. Ignoring the signs talked about above can result in far-reaching well being issues.

Banana Stem: Finest Methods to Devour

Many individuals keep away from incorporating banana stem because it takes time to scrub and minimize the banana stem. However on condition that it’s useful in some ways, there are simple strategies to keep away from time wastage. As soon as cleaned and minimize, they are often soaked in buttermilk and saved within the fridge for days. Then, as per the requirement, you should utilize it to make juice for consumption. Nonetheless, with time, you need to change buttermilk.

In Southern Thailand, individuals normally add a finely chopped banana stem to a candy and bitter vegetable soup or a curry. Due to this fact, you should utilize banana stems as an ingredient in cooking meals. 

  • Step one is to scrub it correctly after which peel the outer layers. 
  • Within the subsequent step, minimize the internal layer of the banana stem into small slices. 
  • After that, you may fry it or cook dinner it uncooked in keeping with the particular person’s palette. 
  • You may eat the fibrous edible as kebabs, tikkas, and cutlets.

In West Bengal, individuals fry the banana stem and incorporate it into meals. Being a tropical area, individuals in South India use banana stems to curate quite a few recipes. A preferred recipe is Vazhaithandu Pachadi, a type of raita made with banana stems. It’s easy to make and is very useful for well being, particularly throughout summers.

The Backside Line

The banana stem is a herbaceous and non-woody a part of the banana tree. Individuals understand it by many names throughout totally different elements of India and the world. It’s a well-established incontrovertible fact that the banana stem is stuffed with flavour and vitamin. Individuals, particularly in India, devour this a part of the plant. Whereas in different elements of the world, individuals use it in different methods in a meal. Being a wealthy supply of vitamins, it finds a spot in each family for its affordability, medicinal advantages, and comfort. Capability & tolerance in direction of meals varies broadly from particular person to particular person. Therefore it’s strictly beneficial to seek the advice of an expert in case of potential uncomfortable side effects post-consumption.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you retailer banana stems long run?

A. As soon as cleaned and minimize, you may soak them in buttermilk and retailer them within the fridge for days. Then, you should utilize it as per your requirement. For instance, you should utilize it to make juice for consumption. Altering the buttermilk as per its sourness must be saved in thoughts.

Q. How do you take away fibre from banana stems?

A. Banana stems represent two pure layers—the onerous internal layer is edible, and it’s essential to discard a porous outer layer. The method of banana fibre extraction is straightforward. First, you need to peel off the outer covers of the banana stem. Subsequent, flatten the internal layers, and strip off the fibres manually or via machines for industrial functions.

Q. Why are banana stems wrapped in plastic?

A. Wrapping the banana stems is a good way to maintain them contemporary. You need to do it to cease the discharge of ethylene fuel from the stems.

Q. What makes bananas flip brown so quick?

A. When bananas are available contact with ethylene fuel, their acids break down. Quickly it turns into softer, and the inexperienced chlorophyll pigments within the fruit break down. It turns right into a yellow hue color, much like brown.

Q. Which a part of the banana stem is edible?

A. The within a part of the fibrous stalk in a banana stem is the edible portion. Nonetheless, you’ll have to take away the tough outer layers to disclose the white or yellowish-green stem.

Q. What a part of the banana plant develops right into a fruit?

A. The banana fruit basically develops from the banana flower; this course of is flower growth. The event of the flower happens deep inside the plant’s stem, which hides beneath the leaves’ bases. You can not see the primary few levels of flower growth till you narrow the banana plant. Therefore, the stem solely seems above the leaves as soon as the flower completes its rising part.  

Q. Is banana stem good for diabetes?

A. Vitamin B6 within the stem helps the manufacturing of haemoglobin and insulin. Due to this fact, the stem helps fight hyperglycaemia. Furthermore, lectin current within the banana stem stimulates insulin-like enzymes, which regulate the expansion of fatty cells. Thus, the consumption of banana stem is taken into account efficient in defending towards diabetes.

Q. Can banana stems be eaten uncooked?

A. You should utilize the contemporary stems uncooked. Nonetheless, it’s not so tender when the stem is a day older. Therefore you’ll have to cook dinner or fry it to devour it.

Q. How useful is banana stem juice for kidney stones?

A. At the moment, medical doctors usually advocate together with banana stems within the weight-reduction plan for sufferers who are suffering from gallbladder stones. Together with banana stem within the weight-reduction plan not less than as soon as weekly as a beverage or meal is very useful. The stem juice acts as a good diuretic drink and helps out small kidney stones.

Q.   When to drink banana stem juice?

A. Consuming a glass of banana stem juice within the morning not less than thrice every week contributes massively to your well being and provides quite a few well being advantages. Nonetheless, this is determined by particular person wants, points, and medical historical past. Therefore, it’s best to seek the advice of a physician to keep away from potential uncomfortable side effects.

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