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Does Rice Make You Gain Weight?

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If somebody needs to shed weight, the primary recommendation they typically hear is to keep away from rice as a result of it should make them fats. Nevertheless, does rice actually deserve the poor dietary standing it has been getting? First, let’s get some information straight! 

Rice is a staple meals and a wealthy supply of carbohydrates in our nation, which is neither fattening nor unhealthy. Nevertheless, it has a poor fame since folks contemplate it the first purpose behind numerous well being illnesses, together with weight problems and diabetes, amongst many different issues. So now the query is whether or not rice is the actual offender for weight acquire. Or is it the way in which folks devour it? Let’s discover out!

Rice and Weight Administration

In response to research, rice is a essential a part of a balanced and nutritious weight loss program. It’s low in fats and sugar, simple to digest, gluten-free and a great supply of B nutritional vitamins.

As well as, being one of many energy-dense meals, some rice varieties are a storehouse for different useful vitamins corresponding to magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium and iron. 

Rice is a high-carbohydrate meals that gives the physique with vitality. The fibre in rice helps to manage digestion, and the protein helps to construct and restore tissues.

Right here’s how rice assists in sustaining optimum weight:

  • Amino acids in rice assist to interrupt down saved fats content material within the physique.
  • B nutritional vitamins in rice play a significant position in fats metabolism and stop bloating and temper swings.
  • Consuming rice helps stability hormone ranges, which is essential in decreasing stomach fats.
  • Rice additionally helps regulate leptin resistance, stopping the person from overeating and gaining weight.
  • Studies present that sure rice varieties have prebiotic advantages, that are appropriate for intestine micro organism, which finally help in reaching an optimum end in form, dimension and immune operate.

Brown Rice vs White Rice

A typical healthcare debate is in regards to the more healthy selection between brown and white rice. What kind of rice is extra nutritious, brown or white? 

Brown rice is unpolished, which means it has extra fibre, protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals and has excessive antioxidant properties. Then again, brown rice has some anti-nutrients like phytic acid, which might be decreased by rising soaking time and temperature. As well as, its excessive fibre content material could make it exhausting for folks with intestine points to digest.

Heavy processing typically eliminates the nutritious layer of white rice, making it lack nutritional vitamins and minerals. Since white rice is refined, overconsumption would possibly result in weight problems and different persistent well being points. Nonetheless, on the subject of weight reduction, it isn’t beneficial or dangerous for weight reduction. Make sure that to eat it within the right amount, primarily based in your work and life-style.

Will Rice Trigger Weight Acquire?

The prevalence of weight problems and different associated illnesses, corresponding to coronary heart illness, is rising in India. It makes folks further conscious of their dietary composition and habits and dispels myths. 

Weight acquire will depend on the portion of meals one consumes and never a lot on the sort. All meals profit well being in a method or one other, however the amount can counteract the advantages.

Equally, rice may cause weight acquire once you devour greater than you want. As a high-carb meals group, the glycemic index of rice is barely excessive, at 64. Because of this, it’d enhance the blood sugar degree and have an effect on the operate of insulin.

The HealthifyMe Word

Rice is among the energy-giving meals that, when consumed in sufficient proportion and with the proper mixture, will assist in weight reduction. As well as, including brown rice to a day by day weight loss program will decrease general levels of cholesterol and make one really feel fuller for a very long time. Because of this, it should allow you to shed weight. Nevertheless, the amount of consumption and the meals you eat with rice can considerably have an effect on your weight reduction journey.

Wholesome Tricks to Embody Rice in Your Weight-reduction plan

Merely put, rice is usually a celebrated a part of a balanced weight reduction plan. The hot button is to make use of wholesome grains of data. Right here’s a listing of efficient methods to securely make use of rice in your day by day weight loss program with out hampering your weight administration.

Observe Portion Management

Rice is wholesome however has energy. Therefore it’s important to regulate the portion management as per your physique’s wants in order that you’ll not find yourself with extra energy. The correct portion dimension is ½ to 1 cup, which usually has 200 energy. It’d fluctuate relying on the kind of rice you will have chosen.

Pair it with Greens

Usually rice is labelled ‘dangerous’ meals because of its excessive glycemic index. It signifies that rice will digest rapidly, resulting in sudden spikes in blood sugar. Due to this fact, you can be feeling hungry very quickly, consuming extra energy. Coupling it with greens that are excessive in fibre and low in energy, will assist handle this sudden blood glucose spike.

Go for Wholesome Cooking Strategies

Rice in its kind might be wholesome. However once you flip it into fried rice or add butter, heavy cream or ghee, it should trigger extra fats, sugar and energy to extend your weight when consumed commonly. Therefore guarantee to boil your rice plain to reap the utmost advantages.


A sustainable weight reduction needs to be an ideal mixture of normal train and a balanced weight loss program. You don’t have to surrender your favorite meals like rice if you’re attempting to shed some kilos.

In a nutshell, rice, a flexible meals, alone received’t make you acquire weight or might help in weight reduction. It’s about the complete meal or the meals sources added that have an effect on the method.

When you’ll be able to watch the portion dimension and the kind of rice and prepare dinner it in wholesome methods, you don’t have to chop down rice out of your weight loss program to realize your weight reduction objectives.

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