Dermatologists Are Begging You Not to Use Someone Else’s Razor While You’re Home for the Holidays

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Nobody works more durable in the course of the vacation season than the pink Venus razor that’s been dwelling in my mother’s visitor rest room because the early days of the pandemic. Although this three-blade disposable was imagined to be trashed after just a few makes use of, it’s been hanging round for the higher a part of the final three years and—apparently, as I not too long ago and horrifyingly discovered—is utilized by a number of members of my household each time they arrive dwelling.

In case your response to that’s, “GROSS,” nicely, that’s right—there are a complete lot of hygiene points occurring right here. For starters, a “disposable” razor is supposed to be precisely that—disposed of after just a few makes use of (ideally two weeks), not saved round for years. “From a hygienic perspective, it’s an absolute nightmare, particularly with plastic cartridges,” Leslie Tessler, the founding father of shaving model Hanni, beforehand advised Effectively+Good. “Simply take into consideration the truth that you’ve bought three, 4, 5 blades, with plastic in between, sitting in a damp setting for lengthy durations of time… We’ve spoken with many gynecologists who usually see bacterial infections in consequence.”

The larger difficulty, although, is that a number of folks have been utilizing this identical razor. As any dermatologist will inform you, simply because my siblings and I share the identical mother and father completely doesn’t imply we must be sharing the identical razor—whether or not it’s recent out of the bundle or previous AF—and the identical goes for anybody else in your family.

“Borrowing one other particular person’s razor is a critically dangerous concept,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist primarily based in New York Metropolis. “The razor collects micro organism because it’s pulled alongside the pores and skin, and until it’s sterilized between makes use of, it truly spreads the micro organism to the following particular person.” She explains that if the first consumer (aka the one that truly owns the razor) has particular strains of micro organism on their pores and skin, like staphylococcus, it is going to contaminate the following consumer with the identical micro organism—which may be doubtlessly harmful and will certainly increase their threat of an infection.

“The blade additionally creates microtears within the pores and skin, breaking the tissue down because it shaves the hair,  so your threat of pores and skin irritation and an infection is already elevated,” Dr. Nazarian says. “And that’s earlier than we introduce cross-contamination with micro organism. So even when usually, ‘sharing is caring,’ we draw the road at our shavers and blades.”

So when you, too, are dwelling for the vacations, rethink reaching for that unhappy, uninteresting razor—or some other shaving instrument that another person has used. The excellent news? Derms say one of the best ways to get a clean shave is with a fundamental, single-blade razor—so take into account selecting up a brand new one on the drugstore as your excuse for getting out of the home when household time begins feeling overwhelming.

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