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Are Puffed Water Lily Seeds the New “Super Snack”?

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We love these shiny orange, cheese-powder-coated puffed-corn snacks as a lot as the following particular person, however let’s face it — they’re not precisely the healthiest option to fulfill these salty snack cravings.

That’s why we’re so intrigued by puffed water lily seeds, which might pack the identical yummy, tacky crunch in a much-less-processed bundle.

Right here’s what you might want to find out about this new snack development.

What Are Water Lily Seeds?

It’s possible you’ll not have heard of water lily seeds earlier than, however they’re about to take over the snack aisle at your grocery retailer.

Also called Makhana, puffed water lily seeds come from the Euryale ferox plant, a kind of water lily.

Present in ponds all through Asia, these seeds begin out as pea-sized kernels that are harvested and “popped.”

The outcome: a puffed snack that packs a crunch that rivals Cheetos, popcorn, and potato chips.

Plain water lily seeds have a gentle, earthy taste — however they are often seasoned for a savory, spicy, or tacky snack.

Are Water Lily Seed Snacks Really Wholesome?

Puffed water lily have a excessive amino acid index and low glycemic index.

They’re a paleo-friendly snack, and there are many vegan and gluten-free choices out there (it varies, although, so you must at all times double-check the label).

And a one-ounce serving of Bohana Wild White Cheddar water lily seeds — round 60 popped kernels — has simply 120 energy. It additionally comprises three grams of protein and 4 grams of fats.

“I’m amazed at how low fats they’re for being a seed,” says Maleah Staton, RD.

As with all snack, you continue to want to observe your parts — however at 60 puffed seeds per serving, it may be a bit simpler to keep away from mindlessly doubling or tripling the advisable serving dimension the best way you may with a bag of tacky puffed corn.

(Cheetos, for instance, have round 21 puffs per serving.)

Puffed water lily seeds are additionally generally advisable in Ayurvedic drugs for reproductive well being and regulating blood sugar — however extra analysis is required to again up these claims.

The place to Purchase Water Lily Seeds

There are at present solely a handful of manufacturers providing puffed water lily seeds bought in the USA, together with Bohana, Taali, AshaPops, and Lily Puffs.

The Bohana line of puffed water lily seeds is available in three completely different scrumptious flavors: Pink Himalayan Salt, Soulful Spice, and Wild White Cheddar.

In the event you comply with a vegan food plan, each Lily Puffs and AshaPops provide vegan cheese flavors of puffed water lily seeds.

And AshaPops even has a turmeric taste that mixes two wholesome developments into one scrumptious bundle.

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