12 Yogis Share Their Favourite Yoga Pose

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For all these of you aspiring to grasp the artwork of stretching and discovering your internal peace, here’s a little one thing.  You don’t should be a passionate yogi to reap the advantages of doing yoga. All you must do is embrace it in your every day routine. Twelve of our licensed yoga coaches discuss their favorite yoga poses and the way they profit your physique.

Learn on and see if any of your favorite poses are talked about under!

Abhilasha’s Choose – Camatkarasan (The Wild Factor)

This pose opens up the entire physique. It makes me really feel very assured, sturdy in addition to sleek. This pose could be very liberating and permits my qualities to flourish, bringing out the most effective in me. The Camatkarasan has the power to strengthen one’s internal mechanism, thus being christened as ‘The Wild Factor’ in English. In line with me, accepting and strengthening your unique self is the most effective type of yoga one can apply.

The profit that this pose presents is that it makes use of the entire physique, thus making use of it in all its entirety. It cultivates willpower, confidence and self-reliance in the one who practices it frequently.


Chaitanya’s Choose – Urdhva Padmasana in Shirshasana (Headstand Variation)

My private favorite, the Urdhva Padmasana in Shirshasana, is the one pose that strikes the steadiness between power and suppleness. Stepping into this pose is definitely worth the effort and apply, because it leaves you within the mode of rest, but absolutely alert.

The King of asanas, the Shirshasana strengthens your core whereas constructing your respiratory system. It additionally helps remedy and forestall eye and ear illnesses together with increasing horizons. It additionally improves reminiscence and focus. Padamasana coupled with this improves mobility and suppleness within the hips and knees.

Urdhva Padmasana
Urdhva Padmasana

Anshu’s Choose – Ustrasana (The Camel Pose)

I like backbends. Again bends are wonderful temper elevators and likewise preserve your backbone supple- in any case you’re as younger as your backbone, they are saying! The horizontal and vertical planes on this pose are difficult to take care of, calling in your glutes to be stored tight, thus releasing immense vitality! This pose opens up your chest elevating the sternum to the sky, leaving your backbone feeling mild as a feather!

If you’re making an attempt to right your posture when it comes to drooping shoulders or a hunched again, that is the pose you ought to be performing. All in all practising the Ustrasana does good to your whole again.


Sridhar’s Choose – Vrikshasana (The Tree Pose)

Being symbolic of getting extra endurance, the Vrikshasana helps you stand agency in occasions of change. Identical to how a tree grows from inside, the journey in direction of transformation for each soul takes place from inside.

The Vrikshasana helps enhance steadiness and stability within the legs, whereas serving to one obtain steadiness in different features of life. On account of its weight-bearing nature, practising this pose will assist strengthen the bones of the hips and legs. Practising the Vrikshasana additionally helps construct your self esteem and esteem like an previous tree that stands tall via the storm.


Shamlee’s Choose – Purna Natraj Asana

Natarajasana the Lord of the dance, has been my favorite asana ever since I began my journey with Yoga. This asana helps me enhance my again bend and focus, leaving me feeling good and refreshed. This pose doesn’t require a lot house and may be practiced wherever and at anytime, and I imply it, I carry out this pose even whereas touring or trekking for that matter!

The advantages of this pose embrace strengthening your hips, legs, ankles and chest. It helps you shed these undesirable kilos! Practising this pose will additionally make it easier to enhance your posture, steadiness, digestive system in addition to focus, thus taking you to zen mode as your physique releases stress and your thoughts is in a state of calm.

Purna Natraj Asana
Purna Natraj Asana

Shambhavi Rajni’s Choose – Padmasana

Padmasana among the many many various asanas in yoga is my favorite. Other than being easy and straightforward to do, this pose doubles up as an excellent exercise and is sweet in your thoughts and respiratory. Additionally it is recognized to situation your physique and core whereas enhancing your flexibility. It is a quite simple asana and may be carried out by women and men of all ages.

This fundamental pose has an a variety of benefits as listed under.

  • Padmasana preserves the very important fluids of the physique, thus stopping belly ailments and feminine afflictions related with the reproductive organs.
  • Observe this pose and produce your thoughts to a state of peace, solitude and longevity.
  • Padmasana additionally helps you develop a wholesome urge for food whereas enjoyable your physique.
  • Being the bottom of all asanas, it helps strengthen the hips, eliminates knee joints in feminine practitioners and stretches out the knees and ankles.
  • Observe this pose to tone your hips and thighs!
Purna Natraj Asana
Purna Natraj Asana

Kavana’s Choose – Dhanurasana

The extra we stretch, the extra versatile we grow to be. Dhanurasana or the bow pose is a logo of the sacred weapon utilized by Lord Rama and Arjuna. The arrow hitting its goal solely relies on how fastidiously the bow is arched. Equally the extra exact we’re in performing this asana, the extra versatile our physique turns into.

Performing this asana maintains the elasticity of your backbone, whereas firming the belly organs. It opens up the chest, neck and shoulders whereas stretching the muscle tissue of the legs and arms. It additionally works as a stress reliever and helps enhance focus.


Sumeet’s Choose – Samakonasana

The greats have stated previously that “an individual who dances effectively can stroll simply”, however I consider that “an individual who can do that difficult pose effectively can do all of the bodily actions that contain gross motor actions effortlessly”.

The Samakonasana is nice on the subject of enhancing blood circulation to the stomach and reproductive organs. Whereas it stretches and straightens the backbone to enhance posture, it additionally opens up the hip and groin muscle tissue.


Jitendra’s Choose – Ardha Chandrasana

The Ardha Chandrasana is my private favorite. I typically apply this pose after my session on the fitness center, this helps strengthen my whole physique and likewise stretches out the neck, chest and thighs.

This pose limbers and strengthens your entire skeletal construction. It relieves you of respiratory illnesses together with the widespread colds and throat infections.

Jitendra Taank
Ardha Chandrasana

Dr. Helen’s Choose – Trikonasana

This pose is on the prime of my checklist. The reason is, it may be carried out at any time and place. The most important benefit of this pose is that it is a superb fats burner and is sweet for these affected by again ache. The triangle pose additionally helps develop your chest and shoulders.


Tanya’s Choose – Yoga Mudra Asana

After a annoying day at work, stepping into the Yoga Mudra Asana immediately fill you up with vitality, leaving you refreshed. What makes this asana my favorite is the truth that simply holding this posture for just a few breath counts, rids me of all my bodily stress and agility whereas immensely calming my thoughts.

Yoga Mudra Asana is called probably the most effectively packed tablet for full well being and effectively being. Within the basket of its huge advantages, you’ll discover that it improves reminiscence and backbone flexibility, whereas ridding you of stress. It additionally has the power to enhance blood circulation and digestion, in addition to remedy pores and skin illnesses.

Yoga Mudra Asana
Yoga Mudra Asana

Swapna’s Choose – Tiryaka Tadasana

The apply of this asana coupled with 1-2 glasses of heat water triggers bowel actions. Common apply helps to stretch the digestive system, whereas firming the edges from the wrist to the waist when holding the pose for 15-20 secs, all sides for 4 rounds. This asana additionally helps construct the postural muscle tissue and improves circulation of spinal nerves.

I begin my day with this stretching asana, because it serves as a heat up, opening up the shoulders, arms and neck joints.

Tiryaka Tadasana
Tiryaka Tadasana

Want recommendation on a yoga routine designed to fit your way of life? Our specialists may also help

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